On November 3, 2015, Elect Amos Goodman for County Legislator, Second District.



Residents of the East End tend to view Suffolk County’s activities as a distraction — out of sight and largely out of mind. We follow the politics in our Villages and Townships closely and keep a wary eye on Albany and Washington, but Hauppauge? Where’s that again?

We ignore the County Government at our peril. Suffolk County’s reckless overspending and fiscal mismanagement casts a pawl on East End economic development, jobs, and threatens the future vitality of our towns and communities.

When our best and brightest students must leave Long Island in search of the good jobs we lack here at home, something is deeply wrong. When our neighbors who have lived here their entire lives can’t afford to stay in retirement, the unique character and East End values go with them.

I am running because the East End needs strong and effective leadership in Hauppauge to fight for our interests: jobs and economic development, improvements to our quality of life, tax relief, and infrastructure.

I’m not a career politician or a bureaucrat, although I’ve battled both in business. My record and experience is growing businesses, creating jobs, and making the tough choices that many politicians seem unable to do. I will be the leader the East End deserves and needs.



Maybe it’s only the politicians who don’t get it, but it’s no mystery why business owners are fleeing Suffolk County, and why most entrepreneurs chose to build their businesses elsewhere: a high tax burden, overregulation, and an unfriendly business environment. Our once vibrant manufacturing base has been decimated. Our farmers and fishermen are on the knife’s edge of survival. Our small business owners face an ever-greater burden to expanding. And we wonder where the good jobs went?

My approach to job creation will have two facets: (1) attracting and retaining jobs on the East End, and (2) improving the business climate across Suffolk County to help ease the disproportionate tax burden for East End families and employers and shore up our finances. There will be no easy fix, but increasing affordable housing, providing tax credits to year-round businesses, and improving transportation options are places to start.

I will work to build upon out-going Legislator Jay Schneiderman’s strong work on transportation and infrastructure improvements to help the climate for business.

I have a record of growing and developing businesses in the private sector, and I’ll bring that experience to the County Legislature. I will fight for policies that empower businesses so they can do what they do best – create jobs.



Our sales tax is nearly 9%, among the highest in the nation, which increases the cost of living for everyone on the East End, and makes it impossible for many of our businesses to compete with out of state firms. Economists will tell you that sales taxes disproportionately impact working families, especially those living paycheck to paycheck. Add in local property taxes, state, and federal taxes – plus the myriad of fees and other shadow-taxes we face – the tax burden on East End residents is out of control. It’s driving away residents, and impairing job creation.

If that isn’t bad enough, residents of the East End Towns pay far more into Suffolk County than we receive back in services, effectively subsidizing the County’s overspending and failure to undertake real fiscal reform. Amazing even that isn’t enough: County leaders are racking up massive deficits, and leaving future generations with a big IOU. We need a lean, small, and efficient government that taxes less and works smarter. I will fight to lower taxes and stand up to the County leaders who overtax, overspend, and over-borrow.



Long Island’s agricultural and fishing heritage is critical to our quality of life, and a key driver of local industries such as tourism, farming, and fishing. I believe we have a moral obligation to protect our land and sea. We were blessed with some of the most beautiful wetlands and beaches in the world; our fertile soil is the envy of farmers upstate and elsewhere. I will fight to conserve the East End’s natural bounty for future generations at every possible turn. Out-going Legislator Jay Schneiderman’s strong environmental legacy is one I will build on.

I believe strongly that our land and sea resources can and should be used responsibly, and am skeptical of many seemingly ideological restrictions placed on our farmers, fishermen, and ordinary residents. Residents should be free to responsibly use the land and sea – both private and common. Walling off the public’s access to nature under the guise of “preservation” is counterproductive, and something I will fight as your Legislator.



The East End overpays, is underserved by the County, and still faces a massive debt burden. Only a career politician would think such an equation is acceptable. We face an ever-growing debt burden (this year alone nearly $5 million per resident). Residents of the East End receive only a fraction of the tax dollars we pay into Suffolk County, yet shoulder a disproportionate share of the debt burden. Huh?

For too long, Suffolk County’s reckless spending and excessive waste has stifled growth and suffocated our community’s potential. The County government has politicized the budgeting process, and is either unwilling or unable to make the hard choices and structural reform needed to fix the County’s budget. I’ll fight Albany-style, top down programs and work to cut waste, reign in spending, and balance the budget.

From new, fiscally-prudent solutions, to end sex-offender warehousing, to close coordination with our towns and villages to prevent duplication, there is much we can and should do to shore up Suffolk’s fiscal issues.


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